"Good Morning Craft Garden Team

 My daughter M. came to Craft Garden for the first time yesterday, we heard about you through her friend A., M. had expected A. to be there yesterday and that was one of the reasons she felt confident to go. When I dropped M. off she was immediately reluctant, as I am sure many kids are on their first day, but was quickly put at ease by an introduction to another girl.

 As it turned out M’s friend A. was not booked in to Craft Garden yesterday but M. had an absolute ball!  She was so excited by all the craft work and painting she had done and had a thoroughly lovely day with her new friend. 

Thank you for putting on a really lovely holiday programme.  Such a shame I only found out about you guys at the end of the holidays but at least I have you on my radar for the next set of holidays. 

Kind regards Maureen"

January 2015 

To: Craft Garden
 From: Nikita

"Caitlin has enjoyed her art classes so much. I am constantly stunned at the gorgeous artworks she has brought home. Such clever ideas and useful stuff made from recycled material."
Thank you so much, 
Michele Courage 

“Thank you!  Laura is really loving coming to Craft Garden and we are so appreciative of you guys and the program.  It's a perfect balance of art, play and fun, and you guys make such a lovely environment for it.  You are kind, patient and give guidance but also help the kids develop their own ideas.  It's the perfect combination for Laura.  We love her puppets!”
March 20 2012,
Amanda Sexton.

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